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Your Home's Social Media Presence ...

Property owners and listing agents, please be mindful of your social media presence and how that information reflects on your home. 

In the past 6 months we have encountered several issues arising from Facebook posts on area/neighborhood groups about homes our clients are buying/selling: flooded basements, leaky windows, broken appliances, HOA problems, etc. Anything posted is potentially viewable by the prospective buyers and the HOA reps (that we may need to ask for help in the future), and the online record goes back for years.  Think also about whether in the past you complained publicly (or even in a closed neighborhood group) about difficult dealings with your HOA or that constantly barking dog next door, and how that may affect a potential buyer.  The noisy dog's owners may have moved away 3 years ago but your post from 2012 is still there for your buyers to read.

Sellers should never hide anything or not disclose something they are obligated to disclose - we are not suggesting that. We just want to encourage everyone to be mindful about what they put out there.  If, for example, the refrigerator breaks the week before closing, please let the agents/attorneys/buyer know before posting for repair recommendations on Facebook, because if they see it there first they will (reasonably) be suspicious. The goal, as always, is to reduce drama and surprises, which often are the result of these types of posts.

Heather Parker